Piccolina Pot- 30 cm.

Piccolina Pot- 30 cm.

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Description: Piccolina is a curved, short pot – with beautiful ornamentation of vertical lines imprinted in the body of the little Piccolina. Any porch, entrance door, or balcony will benefit from this bulky beauty. The durability and versatile, timeless look fit modern and traditional homes and Piccolina can be passed down through generations.

Produced by Bergs Potter for outdoor use. If properly taken care of, they can endure many winters outside in the cold. Due to the density of the premium Galesto clay – and the slow and high-temperature firing method – the pot has unique and natural durability and resilience to frosty weather. To avoid any breakage during the frosty season, it is key to ensure proper drainage inside the pot and avoid clogging the drainage hole at the bottom. The large outdoor pot is designed in Scandinavia and created by hand in Tuscany.


Color: Rose



30 cm./11.8 in.

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