Molisa Candle
Molisa Candle
Molisa Candle
Molisa Candle

Molisa Candle

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  • **Sold individually
  • All candles are hand mixed and poured, so no one candle is the exact same. Minor imperfections are normal and a part of each candle's uniqueness.
  • Scent: Ease - Smells like sipping rosé in a lavender field in Provence during summer.
  • Hints of sweet citrus melts into earthy saffron, soft violet, and cleansing palo santo. A woodsy marriage of amber, sandalwood, and smoke paired with elegant French Lavender creates the heart of this rich and comforting fragrance.
  • Our sculptural candles are designed to be used as decor. If you choose to light them, burn time will vary due to their irregular shapes and candle size. 
  • Burn time: Medium Short: 4 Hrs & Medium Tall: TBD


  • Finish: Ivory 
  • Materials: Made from a natural soy + beeswax blend and hand-poured in Dakar, Senegal.


  • Medium Short - 8oz (6" x 2" x 6")
  • Medium Tall - 11oz (7" x 3" x 7")


  • Frosting may develop over time, which is a natural effect of our use of soy wax -embrace the beauty of this imperfection. To regain shine, gently wipe the candle using a downwards motion with a clean microfiber cloth.

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