A Dream of AlUla

A Dream of AlUla

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Description: A visual exploration of fabled landscapes and historical gems, this magnificent volume celebrates the rich culture of AlUla, through the lens of Gilles Bensimon.

The AlUla valley is a natural, historical, and cultural site in northwestern Arabia, located on the ancient Incense Route. It features grandiose natural landscapes, oases, and ancient settlements dating back 8,000 years. Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra--where exceptionally preserved tombs of the Nabataean age show elaborate facades cut out of sandstone outcrops--it's a hidden treasure awaiting to be discovered.

A journey through time and the senses, this oversized tome offers the unique experience of traveling to a mythical land and little-known paradise, bringing alive the Lihyanite, Dadanite, Nabataean, and Pre-Islamic times from AlUla's past through to its present day.

Exclusive images by the acclaimed photographer Gilles Bensimon reveal the poetic aspects and magnificence of age-old desert landscapes and highlight the lives they are home to. From lush green oases to barren expanses; from drifting sand to basalt uplands; from geomorphological wonders to millennia-old inscriptions, these are just some of the unforgettable scenes of AlUla.


  • 215 pages
  • Gilles Bensimon


  • 14.25 "W x 18.94 "H x 2.75 "D

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